Rudraksh Nidhi PLAN

Our company has been run by its Board of Directors under the guidelines of the CHAMBER OF NIDHI'S. The company has been registered as a Rudraksh Nidhi by the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT under section 620A of the companies act,1956[No.1 of 1956].

Being A NIDHI COMPANY the business of Rudraksh Nidhi company is acceptance of deposits from member. Our products and services are base to the benefit of our member and encourage saving habit to the member of company offers following schemes likes as, recurring, fixed deposit ,and saving Schemes.

Fixed Deposit

Open an account for fixed deposit keep a track of the recurring transactions avail of a loan against your account without more. Did you know? A Fixed Deposit (FD) can also be flexible as a benefit , just like Fixed Assets.

Recurring Deposit

Rudraksh Nidhi Recurring Deposit scheme will allow you with an opportunity to build up your savings through regular monthly deposits...

Saving Deposit

Savings can even out the cash-flow fluctuations that poor often face. It can help them from overspending during high inflow periods..